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The Foundry

Cast room.jpg (41678 bytes)
The Cast Room

dscf0001.jpg (103194 bytes)
Preparing plaster

LesandTanyawith bridbath.jpg (33050 bytes)
Making adjustment to a piece

Tanya John with Knuttel.jpg (49112 bytes)
Chasing a bronze

Dave with Cast.jpg (17007 bytes)
Setting the mould

LesPatinating.jpg (15389 bytes)
Welding detail

view.jpg (15560 bytes)
Top hat furnace for

ceramic shell casting

John loading furnace.jpg (13410 bytes)
Placing a piece into the furnice

Les removing the molten bronze.jpg (14440 bytes)
removing molten bronze
from the furnace

pouring2.jpg (12943 bytes)
pouring molten bronze

Measuring the temperature of the molten bronze.jpg (14598 bytes)
measuring the temperature

pouring5.jpg (9695 bytes)
pouring a bronze ingot

pouring1.jpg (12000 bytes)
pouring molten bronze

pouring4.jpg (22243 bytes)
getting rid of slag from the crucible

pouring3.jpg (35685 bytes)
pouring molten bronze